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The ceremonial life of Owo kingdom revolves round several festivities each representing the quality of the socio-cultural life of her citizenry as well as the projection of her rich traditional and cultural heritage.

Major amongst these are: Ugbade festival celebrated to mark the anniversary of the Olowo’s ascension to the throne; Ulabi festival is the ushering in of new cola nut and celebrated when the reigning Olowo gives cola nuts to his chiefs. Before the festival, it is forbidden for the people to bring and sell new cola nut in the market and it precedes the Ogunro festivals which is also known as the New yam festival; Ero festival dates back to early times when Olowo Ojugbelu also known as Arere or Omalagaye (founder of Owo) migrated from Ile-Ife with the Iloro (a large retinue) classified into 2 main groups: Ugbama (youths) and the Ighare (adults of over 50 years of age). Ero means initiation into adulthood and retirement from communal labour or work and Igogo festival.