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Culture have to do with a people’s way of life which distinguishes a people one from another which sometimes is an embodiment of their lifestyles, ideas, beliefs and views. It is the fabric of ideas, beliefs, skills, tools, aesthetics, pattern of thinking as well as artifacts shared by people and socially transmitted from generation to generation.


The African Traditional Institution has for long been the custodian of Culture in the African society. However, owing to the dearth of reliable information, it has become very imperative to provide more information and statistical data on this sacrosanct and much revered Institution.

As such, Royal Heritage Africa Magazine is being packaged:

One: As a dedication to excellence and honour to the African Traditional Rulers most of who are fulfilled professionals, academic titans, gurus of superlative knowledge, captains of industry and charisma before their ascension to the thrones of their forefathers.

Two:  To promote the rich African tradition, history and cultural heritage taking stock of the fact that African Traditional Rulers are the Custodian of African culture.

Three: To enhance the substance of existing African cultural values with the aim of developing these values into enviable heights.

Four:  To expose the potentialities of the African Traditional Institution as well as ensure that African Traditional Rulers are accorded adequate and appropriate prominence.

Five: To provide more information on the African Native Authorities, their historical origins, powers, roles and the dramatis personae that occupies the throne amongst others.


To research, revive and preserve Africa’s fast fading but rich tradition and culture as well as to provide more reliable information that will add more value to the highly respectable and sacrosanct position of African Traditional Rulers.

Managing Editor/CEOAlbert Oluseyi Olukotun (Omoribaun II )