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Pottery-Making in Giri
Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

Giri-Shinka (Shinka) is a small community located on the Gwagwalada/Zuba highway in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria. It is a sister community to Giri-Tunkunya popularly known as Giri Junction.

The people of Shinka are Gwari speaking and has abundant cultural heritage characterized by colourful festivals as well as an area naturally blessed with both human and natural resources.

Over the years, the people of Giri-Shinka have developed a strong tradition for the art of pottery-making which is as old as the Gwari settlement itself.

Pottery which happens to be the main occupation of Shinka women has in turn turned the community into a household name within the Federal Capital Territory to whose populace her pottery wares are sold and utilized. It has also made Shinka one of the most popular destinations for Tourists visiting Abuja (Capital city of Nigeria) and as such, making the Gwari settlement play a very important role in both the development and promotion of tourism in the nation’s capital of the most populated black nation on earth.

Although, pottery-making in Shinka is catching on very fast and tourism playing a crucial role in the community’s developmental growth, there is the urgent need to address issues of the provision of recreational facilities as well as rural infrastructures.

Pottery wares produced in Shinka are of different sizes, shapes and for different purposes. Prominent among these are: Shangbugbui for roasting meat; Dululu for interior decoration; Jeseun  for cooking herbal medicines, food and for water storage; Epi  for interior decoration; Nkuru for interior decoration; Masa  for preparing ,maize cake; Seunlugwe for storing drinking water; Asusu (local Bank) for keeping money; Sapa jedu for cooking and Sapa yinlu for cooking soup and other delicacies.